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Aspire Day Charity House Walk

Our next ASPIRE Day on 4 July will be a Charity House Walk.  The aim of this day is to allow students to develop their physical literacy coupled with the opportunity to explore their local surroundings.

Students will be walking with their House Group - Head of House, House Staff and fellow students.  Each House group will have a different walking route, start time and locations.  Students can wear  mufti and must be prepared to dress appropriately for whatever weather is presented on the day.  A £1 donation will go twards the Academy's sponsored charity the Osiligi Charity Project.  Students are encouraged to raise further funds for this Kenyan project through additional sponsorhsip.

Previous House walks have been hugely enjoyable and memorable and we expect this year's walk to have the same impact for our students.

Please see our ASPIRE DAY LETTER for further information.