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Information for Candidates:

Examination Tips:

  • Overall impression – neat work equals neat mind. Some exam boards still award marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Legible handwriting – if the examiner can’t read it easily they won’t bother to try to decipher it
  • No gel pens – many papers are scanned now and marked electronically and gel pens don’t show up
  • Use keywords/vocabulary related to the subject. This shows you have a good understanding of the topic
  • If you use extra pages ensure that they are attached with a treasury tag and each page is named
  • Don’t use swear words or text speak
  • Don’t waffle, stick to the point and avoid repetition
  • Don’t doodle on the answer paper
  • There are only so many ways of asking the same questions on a topic. Although questions are not repeated word for word, the underlying questions will be roughly the same. So do lots of past papers, you will begin to recognise patterns
  • If there is only a small gap for your answer the examiner isn’t expecting an essay
  • If you make a mistake, put one line through it to cross it out
  • Only answer the number of questions you are asked for.  If you answer them all, the examiners have to mark them and then select your best responses

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