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Gift Aid Scheme

The Gift Aid Scheme sounds good, so what's the catch?
Simply put, there is no catch. Over recent years the Gift Aid Scheme has been simplified and its scope extended to include any gift made by a person paying income tax in the UK. And if you are a higher rate taxpayer, you are entitled to offset any charitable donations you make against your tax bill for the year. For more details, download the Guide to Gift Aid.

How will my gift be recognised?
Recognition of benefactors is a vital element of our donor programme and as such there are a number of ways in which the Academy will thank you for your support. You can find out more about how The Bourne Academy recognises its supporters on our Donor Charter.

How can it be guaranteed that my gift will not be swallowed up in running costs?
We have an obligation to honour your wishes and to use the money you donate for the stated purpose. To ensure that this happens, your gift will be listed as restricted spend.

I am not a UK resident. Can you still accept my gift?
It is possible for overseas residents to support our donor programme. Residents of other countries should consult a financial adviser for the most tax-efficient way to support The Bourne Academy.