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Who's Who

"Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important." Bill Gates

At The Bourne Academy, we welcome students of all abilities and from all backgrounds and staff take their time to get to know and understand each students, supporting them to do their very best.

The Academy creates an ethos that promotes academic, vocational and personal development. Students receive regular constructive feedback which identifies clear targets for improvement. Tracking and monitoring of progress has been designed to help students to improve and excel.

Staff are a dedicated and passionate team of people, whose primary objective is to ensure that every child in their care receives the best and exciting learning possible. We strive to ensure that our students achieve their absolute best and are happy throughout their academic years.

To contact a member of teaching staff, please leave a message with Reception on 01202 528554 or email them at the following:  first name.

In 2013, Ofsted stated that "the way in which staff care for the students is outstanding".


Mr Mark Avoth Principal
Mrs Carol Harrison Vice Principal
Mr Ashley St John Assistant Vice Principal
Mrs Caroline Gobell Business Director                                                        


Mrs Rachel Bennett Director of Impact of Teaching and Learning
Miss Naomi Leech Director of Assessment


Communication and Enquiry: 

Mrs Naomi Barr Subject Lead English - Specialism
Miss Victoria Gladden English and Reading Across the Curriculum Coordinator
Ms Kate Brand 2nd in English - Specialism
Mrs Donna Pollard English and KS5 English Coordinator
Rebecca Young Lead Practitioner in English
Jacqueline Brown English
Chloe Jackson English
Ruth Fenwick English
Ellen Morgan English
Mr Ethan Roberts English and Entitlement Coordinator
Miss Sophie Lovett Literacy Coordinator                           


Mrs Mandy Blackmore Head of Humanities
Hannah Hardcastle ICO Religious Education
Mr Daniel Schmidt Subject Lead History
Mr Michael  Currie History
Elizabeth Di Nocera Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Lorenzo Launo Modern Foreign Languages
Orela Hatchard Modern Foreign Languages
Sophie Stanwyck Psychology
Mrs Val Livermore Subject Lead Food
Miss Alexa Mathews Food and Art

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths: 

Mrs Imogen Gater Subject Lead Science                    
Jon Fry Lead Practitioner Science                                     
Miss Naomi Leech Science
Mr Ben Jones Science
Mr Hisham Kalim Science
Mr Nick Hanlon-Brooks Science
Naomi O'Flaherty Science
Sarah Smith Science
Richard Grinyer Director of Mathematics
Mrs Nichola Deacon Mathematics Intervention Coordinator      
Mr Aaron Markar Lead Practitioner Maths and Science
Mrs Andrea Ballard Mathematics KS5 Coordinator
Lisa Staniforth Mathematics
Dana Omar Mathematics
Matthew Palaczky Mathematics
Mr Mark Goddard Mathematics
Ruth Milburn Mathematics
Mr Phillip Warman Mathematics
Mr Mike Dunn Subject Lead Engineering - Specialism
Mrs Anna Harpham Gist TED
Mr Dan Orme TED and Computer Science
Mr Ben Healey TED
Ms Sharon McCarthy TED

Arts, Wellbeing and Enterprise: 

Mr Jonathan Perkins Drama (Performance & Participation Coordinator)
Miss Francesca Martin Subject Lead Dance
Miss Affolake Lewis Dance
Mr Mike Child Subject Lead PE
Mr James Short Outdoor Education and DoE Instructor
Mrs Jayne How PE
Mrs Katy Plunkett PE
Ms Martha Tavinor PE (maternity Cover)
Miss Alexa Mathews Art
Ms Lynne Lamonde Head of Art
Jennifer Frazer Art
Ms Jenny Young Media
Mr David Mastrocola ICO Music
Mr Russell Scagell Music and Performing Arts
Peri Staff:  
Mr John Wines Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Bass, Ukelele
Nicky Ashford Singing
Katerina Fox Flute, Piano, Clarinet, Violin
Bob Mace Drums, Percussion

SENDCo, Teaching Assistants and  Learning Support Assistants: 

Mrs Nicola Al-Jassar SEND
Miss Hayley Gaj SEND 
Alison Prince Well Co-ordinator
Mrs Frances Brown Teaching Assistant and Emotional Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Claire Peel Teaching Assistant and Literacy Support
Mrs Helen Rave Teaching Assistant
Ms Claire Pike Learning Support Assistant
Ms Sara Keeling Learning Support Assistant
Ms Tracy White Learning Support Assistant
Miss Katy Shephard Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Linden Trenery Learning Support Assistant
Miss Hayley Warren Learning Support Assistant
Miss Hayley Mitchell Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Nicola Hennessy Learning Support Assistant
Anna England Learning Support Assistant
Linda Jackson Learning Support Assistant
Rebecca Norris Learning Support Assistant
Ms Karen Fletcher Learning Support Assistant
Anna Bruce Learning Support Assistant

Heads of House: 

Ms Lisse Burbidge Head of Anvil/Community Cohesion and Transition
Miss Affolake Lewis Head of Calshot/Teacher
Nikita Crawford Head of Eddystone/Teacher
Mr Tom Peacock Head of Hurst/Enrichment & Rewards
Emma Jo Farrell Head of Kingswear/Teacher
Mr Dominic Burke Head of Portland
Miss Vicky Gladden Head of Sovereign
Mr Dean Taafe Head of Trinity/Teacher


Mr Dan Orme Anvil 1
Lynn Lamonde Anvil 2
Alexi Matthews Anvil 3
Nick Hanlon-Brooks Anvil 4
Mrs Andrea Ballard Calshot 1
Jayne How (MTW) Ruth Fenwick (Th, F) Calshot 2
Mr Lorenzo Launo Calshot 3
Mark Goddard Calshot 4
Ms Kate Brand Eddystone 1
Martha Tavinor Eddystone 2
Jon Fry Eddystone 3
Hannah Hardcastle (M, T, W)  / Rebecca Norris (Th, F) Eddystone 4
Michael Currie Hurst 1
Sharon McCarthy Hurst 2
Sarah Smith Hurst 3
Russell Scagell Hurst 4
Ruth Milburn Kingswear 1
Mr Ben Healey Kingswear 2
Mr Daniel Schmidt Kingswear 3
Lisa Staniforth Kingswear 4
Jenny Fraser Portland 1
Elizabeth Di Nocera Portland 2
James Short (M,T) Katy Plunkett (W, Th, F) Portland 3
Mandy Blackmore Portland 4
Mr Mike Child Sovereign 1
Jenny Young Sovereign 2
Mr Aaron Marker Sovereign 3
Ben Jones Sovereign 4
Phil Warman Trinity 1
Sophie Stanwick (T,W,Th) Orela Hatchard (M, F) Trinity 2
Mr David Mastrocola Trinity 3
Rebecca Young Trinity 4
Donna Pollard/Ethan Roberts (M) 13DP
Naomi O'Flaherty 12NOF
Ellen Morgan/Ethan Roberts (T) 12EM
Anna Harpen-Gist 12AHG                                                                         



Mrs Finola Gilson HR Manager and PA to the Principal
Mrs Della Dawson Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Mrs Vicky Spence Reprographics and Lettings Administrator
Mrs Carol Duffy Student Support Officer for Attendance and Admissions
Mrs Jackie Beer Education Social Worker
Mrs Heather McKell Senior Cover Supervisor and Lead First Aider
Mrs Tracy Coslett Deputy Cover Supervisor
Ms Emma Jo Farrell Cover Supervisor and p/t PE Teacher
Ms Liisa Marriott Office Manager
Jennifer Thornley Behaviour Support
Miss Lucy Dawson Receptionist
Miss Hannah Smith Receptionist
Mrs Corinne Wigg Exams Manager
Teresa Luker Exams & Academic Administrator
Mrs Michelle Lever Library Manager
Mrs Janice Morris SEN/Head of House Assistant
Mrs Catherine Turner Finance Manager
Mrs Tanya Woodland Finance Assistant

Sixth Form: 

Mrs Kelly Franklin Sixth Form Manager and STARS (Gifted & Talented)
Mrs Vicky Woodings Head of Careers, Employability and Enterprise
Mrs Jo Warren Carees Coordinator & 6th Form Admin


Mr Andrew Acock Facilities Manager
Mr Paul Green Facilities Assistant
Mr Jordan Loder Facilities Assistant
Mrs Nicky Ellement Housekeeper
  Community Lettings Supervisor


Mr Steve Saywell Network Manager

Academic Technicians: 

Mrs  Jo Bosworth Food Technician
Mr Mark Binstead TED Technician
Miss Josephine Duncan Visual & Performing Arts Technician
Miss Catherine Jarrett Senior Science Technician
Mrs Mandy Stone Science Technician