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Other Ways of Giving

Leaving a Legacy - Providing for The Bourne Academy in your will demonstrates a tremendous commitment to all that the Academy stands for, and creates an enduring testimony to your support and affection. We believe that recognition of such a commitment should not be limited to remembrance alone, but celebrated during the benefactor’s lifetime.

Bequests can be made in memory of someone special to the benefactor. Forms of recognition can also, for major benefactors, include the naming of a development project, award or scholarship after the benefactor.

There are a number of ways in which you can help The Bourne Academy by a gift through your Will. Detailed information, including suggested wording for each type of legacy and an intention form, is available in the Guide to Leaving a Legacy.

Payroll Giving - If you work in the UK, your employer may operate a Give As You Earn scheme. Giving through your payroll offers full flexibility on the amount and frequency of your gift, and as payments are made out of your gross income before tax is deducted this offers a significant saving to you. To learn more about UK payroll giving click here.

Gifts of Stocks or Shares - UK taxpayers, both individuals and companies, can obtain income tax relief on charitable gifts of most shares and securities. Tax relief is claimed equal to the market value of the shares on the day that the gift is made, plus any associated costs such as broker's fees. The relief is set against your Income Tax for that year, at the top rate on your tax return. In addition, you will not have to pay Capital Gains Tax on any increase in the value of the shares since you bought them.

Download a detailed Guide to Giving Stocks and Shares, or contact the Business Director for more information.

Non Monetary Gifts - Gifts of capital assets other than shares can be made directly to The Bourne Academy without incurring any liability to Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax. These gifts might include personal possessions such as property, books or works of art. No tax would be payable by the Academy if the value of the asset(s) was subsequently to be realised.

Company Giving If you run your own business you may find this method a particularly attractive and cost-effective way of supporting The Bourne Academy. When a company gives to a charity, the value of the gift can be offset against the company's highest rate of Corporation Tax. Companies pay their donations gross and do not have to make any Gift Aid declaration. Tax relief is claimed against the value of the gift when calculating profits for Corporation Tax. Such gifts can be made on a regular or one-off basis. For example, at current tax rates, for a company paying the highest rate of Corporation Tax, the net cost of a gift of £10,000 to The Bourne Academy would only cost the company £7,400. More information is available on the Inland Revenue website.

Tax Refunds Individual taxpayers in the UK who complete a Self Assessment (SA) tax return, may opt to donate all or part of any repayment due to them to The Bourne Academy. To do this, section 19A of the full SA form, or section 12 of the short form, should be completed, quoting the code xxx to ensure your donation reaches The Bourne Academy. You may also opt to add Gift Aid to your donation.