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In order to check how you are getting on, we need your agreement to share information that identifies you and what you have gone on to do. We already do this as a requirement of the Education and Skills Act 2008, until you are aged 16. You may also be contacted if we are unsure how you are doing in your education or employment. Each contact will take no more than 5 minutes. Data collected by The Bourne Academy will be stored so we can evaluate the careers support we provide. The data we collect will be: Course/job title; institution/employer name; level of study; start date; duration of course/apprenticeship/placement. Your data will be kept in strictest confidence. It will only be published in an anonymised format so your personal details will remain private.

Destination: What are you intending to do after leaving The Bourne Academy? Please circle as appropriate*
I consent to the data above being shared between the school/college and local authority in order to review my progress and improve careers guidance and support, and to being contacted by my school/college for the reasons set out above*
When you leave The Bourne Academy you become one of our Alumni (former student), we would like to stay in touch with you and share news and invite you to events. I want to join The Bourne Academy Alumni Association and receive invitations to all Academy events and productions, reunions hosted at the Academy*
Please tick any of the following ways in which you might want to get involved in future