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Parent Teacher Consultation (PTC) Evenings

2020/21 Parent/Tutor Consultation (PTC) Evenings

Due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, unfortunately our Parent/Tutor Consultation (PTC) Evenings will not be taking place in the traditional format, with visits to the school.

Instead our PTCs will be virtual, with parents/carers booking time slots with their child's teachers. This will enable parents/carers the time to catch up on their child's progress and reports, though if any additional information is required, we will endeavour to arrange other times where parents/carers can be updated.

We hope that despite our PTCs not having a personal feel to them as in previous years, the evenings will still appear just as informative and engaging as ever.

Additionally, we always strive to improve how we operate our PTCs and therefore we always welcome feedback, whether positive or negative.

Our full list of PTC evenings for the 2020/21 Academic Year is as follows:

  • Year 7 PTCs:            7 October 2020 & 16 June 2021

  • Year 8 PTCs:            27 January 2021 & 7 July 2021

  • Year 9 PTCs:            2 December 2020 & 23 June 2021

  • Year 10 PTCs:          18 November 2020 & 5 May 2021 

  • Year 11 PTCs:          21 October 2020 & 10 March 2021

  • Year 12 + 13 PTCs:  4 November 2020 & 24 March 2021

School Cloud Appointments

To access your appointments on the School Cloud System please click the link:

For a video guide on how to access your appointments on the evening please click here.