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The Bourne Academy Highlights the Importance of Conservation through ASPIRE Day

The Bourne Academy have enjoyed a conversation themed ASPIRE day today.  At The Bourne Academy, students are assessed through subject-led Aspire Days, where they spend the day working in teams on various projects. They will develop into literate, numerate, global citizens who ASPIRE, and the curriculums taught through the Academy competencies:  Ambitious, Self-confident, Physically literate, Independent learners, Resilient and Emotionally literate. 

Students were involved in numerous conservation themed activities including The Global Warming Debates, workshops about renewable energies & single use plastics and a marine biology talk with Tom ‘The Blowfish’ Hird. Our Art department created a giant sea sculpture to highlight the impact plastic is having on our seas.

Staff at the Academy have been leading a war on plastic. Last year the Academy removed takeaway cups, which had previously been supplied to staff for teas and coffees, not only has this saved Academy funds, but it has saved countless unrecyclable cups from being sent to landfill. Head of sciences, Jonathan Fry, says ‘As the human population increases, our hunger for convenience and shortage of time inevitably results in us continuing to take shortcuts, even when these shortcuts are invariably leading us down a dead-end.

Mr Fry suggests that together we can make a massive difference ‘even a small daily change from everyone could drive a larger evolution, so that we live in synergy with our planet, rather than misusing it.’

It has been an enjoyable day, inspiring students and staff alike to do what we can to conserve our planet.