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Academy’s Community Governor Drives Miles to Keep Students Learning

The Community Governor at The Bourne Academy has been driving miles to deliver home working packs to those students in our community with no access to the internet.

Together with his amazing family, Mr Darren Cheeseman of Kingren Groundworks Ltd, has taken valuable days off work ensuring all the children in our community are supported and have the same advantage.

Before the Easter holiday voucher scheme was released, Mr Cheeseman and family delivered lunches, to all our self-isolating Free School Meals families.  Subsequently, he has collected from school, and delivered around Bournemouth, over 107 envelopes and work packs for students with no internet access.  This takes him a long day, every two weeks.  Whilst out in the van, he also collects all the completed homework to bring back into the Academy’s quarantine room, to be marked.

The Academy is indebted to Darren Cheeseman, and his family, for their selfless support during these lockdown weeks.