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Bourne Academy Launch 'Mobile Library' Service

The Bourne Academy has enjoyed a first taste of success after their 'Mobile Library' service was "wheeled" out to Year 7 students during their break and lunch times today (5 October 2020).

The service is currently in place, while students are unable to access the main library and it will be sent around to a different year group each week day.

A 'micro-library' is currently set up in place while The Academy's main library is closed, with its location opposite to the dance studio.

Year 7 students flock to the portable service.

It contains over 2,500 books, spanning a variety of genres, and a selection of books will be carted out to a different year group zone each day.

The trolley holds around 250 books, with students able to borrow one for up to two weeks at a time.

Students are being reminded that if they return a book which has been damaged, or fail to return one at al, will be liable for the costs in replacing them.