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We’re Halfway! 6040 Mile Virtual Journey to Partner School in Kenya

In light of National Lockdown and worldwide travel restrictions, The Bourne Academy has launched a virtual challenge to make the journey from Bournemouth to its partner school in Kenya. The aim is for staff and students, to clock up the 6040 mileage from Hadow Road, Bournemouth to the Osiligi Obaya School in Kenya, using any mode of transport they wish.

‘Osiligi’ means hope, and the hope for this project is to bring us all a little closer together in a time when the world feels very disconnected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those taking part have travelled these distances by walking, running, cycling, inline skating, rowing, playing football and Pokémon go, swimming and skateboarding. Staff and students have already clocked up over 3000 miles since Christmas, virtual journeying through France, Spain, Algeria and Niger. The journey is being plotted on a giant map in the Academy’s Reception, with regular updates on social media and via the Academy news bulletin to our whole community.

The Bourne Academy received a special 10 Year Anniversary congratulations from their Kenyan partner school, as this year The Bourne Academy is celebrating ten years since becoming an Academy. The Bournemouth school has been supporting the Osiligi Obaya Primary School in the Maasai Warrior community in Kenya since 2011, with the key objective of assisting the community to become more economically active, helping them to help themselves, whilst not changing their beautiful culture. 

There have also been many fundraising drives over the years, including regular MUFTI days and, in 2016-2017 raising £5000 to build a new teachers’ house called ‘The Bourne Academy House’.

Caroline Gobell, Business Director, commented: ‘We are absolutely delighted to be launching this new year challenge for our whole community to join in with.  The 6040 mile journey is inspiring us all in so many ways: chasing away the winter blues, bringing our community further together during a 2nd national lockdown and raising awareness of our partner school, of whom we are extremely proud.  We are giving out various prizes at the end of this journey and so far there seems to be some very healthy competition between staff v students for the most mileage, or most unusual mode of transport!’.