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The Bourne Academy Celebrates Success as 73 Students Earn Publication in Young Writers' Book

The Bourne Academy is proud to announce the remarkable achievement of 73 KS3 students who have been selected to publish their creative writing pieces in an upcoming book by Young Writers. The book is being produced as a result of a creative writing competition organised by Young Writers, where students were tasked with crafting a 100-word mini story centred around the theme 'The Glitch.'

Young Writers is a national organisation which aims to engage and inspire the imaginations of school age children through writing. The fun and excitement of the competitions draw children in, and the result is greatly improved confidence in their creative writing ability and seeing their writing brought to life in a real, physical book that they can proudly put on their bookshelf. Children who see their work in a real book have more confidence in their writing, are encouraged to write more often, and some even go on to be aspiring authors.

After weeks of anticipation, The Bourne Academy proudly received the exciting news that 73 of its talented student participants had been chosen for publication. Their stories will be featured in a book set to be released in April.

For students passionate about creative writing, The Bourne Academy offers the opportunity to join the KS3 ACE club, which convenes on Tuesdays of Week A. This club provides a supportive environment for students to further explore their literary interests and hone their writing skills. Young Writers runs national writing competitions for schools, helping to turn imagination and creativity into confidence and writing ability.