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Beagle2Mars Professor Lands At Bourne

Professor Mark Sims, professor in Astrobiology and Space Instrumentation visited the Academy to give a lecture and Q&A session in 'What Can Science Offer You." to students studying the subject in GCSE and A Level.

The professor told the students that they could achieve anything providing they had the enthusiasm. He said, "A space mission needs technicians, economists, engineers, people who can plan.  I'm trying to emphasise to the students that if they do a career in physics, they can work in lots of different areas and do lots of different things."  He went on to say, "It's about trying to get the children to know that things are bigger than one subject.  They shouldn't accept limited imposed on them, and they can do anything they want providing they have the willpower."  One of the favourite questions of the session was:  "If you found bacteria in space, would it be counted as an alien?".