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Annual Fund

National financial constraints in many sectors, including health, social care, welfare and local authority funding, all has a negative knock on effect on schools and the services they offer. As well as picking up the pressure and workload from these sectors, schools in Bournemouth also need urgent additional investment in school buildings to cope with forecasted increasing secondary pupil numbers.

We all appreciate that it is every child’s right to receive a free education, and we would never wish to compromise the service and high standard of education we offer.  However, we find that it has become extremely hard to pay for all the things we used to eg. New kit and equipment, wonderful opportunities for our students, and any unforeseen capital expenditure.  It is becoming increasingly hard to budget for building improvements whilst continuing to provide the ‘nice to have’ extras upon which we pride ourselves.  For example, currently, we need to find £50,000 to replace a range of 60 year old leaking windows, but we have to weigh that up against other costings eg. Providing breakfast for all students each day, offering a Yr 7 residential trip, purchasing new equipment in learning areas, etc.

We work extremely hard in our local community to garner additional financial support wherever possible and, as a result of our efforts we are annually able to earn an additional:

  • £50,000 from evening and weekend community lettings
  • £35,000 from hosting international students
  • £100,000 from numerous fundraising applications for much needed school equipment and IT, small group interventions, whole school breakfast, Greenpower car costs, careers projects, Young Carers club & outings, mental health & wellbeing provision, and Performing Arts events.

Following the example being set by many other schools around the region, and indeed the whole country, we set up an Annual Fund in 2017 to help with the added extras that make a rounded education as outlined above.  With this aim, we are asking if you might be willing to make a voluntary contribution of £15 per household per year towards new facilities, equipment and opportunities which will be accessible to your child during their time at the Academy. (so far, since the campaign launched, we have had pledges of over £8000 towards the fund)

Any donation, even if it is just £5 per year, will be paid into our specially set up charity, called The Bourne Foundation, which is administered by a Board of Trustees and regulated by The Charity Commission.  The Gift Aid scheme allows us to claim the basic rate of tax you have paid on any donation you have made. That's another great 25p for every £1 donated.

The Bourne Academy offers even more to your children than is usually provided for by Government funding.  With your help and contributions to the Annual Fund, we will be able to continue offering, amongst other things, the following additional free services to our students:

  • Additional help and support for hardship cases, easing behaviour/learning in all lessons
  • Weekly and termly rewards, subsidised trips and weekly prizes for good work, good behaviour and good attendance
  • Extra-curricular clubs (ACE) eg. Sailing, cricket, film, martial arts
  • A comprehensive extra revision and tuition timetable for exams available to all students
  • Breakfast for all students each morning (toast, orange juice, hot chocolate in winter)
  • Teaching aids paid for by staff - instruments and props from car boot sales purchased and renovated in personal time, and brought in for use by our students
  • Three ASPIRE days per year, where students join in a day of teambuilding and educational activities beyond the curriculum
  • Free ingredients for Year 7 and 8 Food lessons (making lessons work better/swifter).

Donations to our Annual Fund are of course optional, but we very much hope we may be able to count on your enthusiasm and support at this time.  The Annual Fund Form can be completed and sent, or left at Reception for the attention of Caroline Gobell, Business Director.