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Building Character - ASPIRE

At The Bourne Academy we are committed to creating well rounded students who are well prepared for their futures. We deliver a variety of lessons, workshops, trips, activities and interventions to help support our ASPIRE ethos including three ASPIRE days each year. ASPIRE stands for Ambitious, Self-Confident, Phyiscally Literate, Independent, Resilient and Emotionally Literate.

We also have the expectation that all students will work towards completing their ASPIRE Award which focuses on developing these competencies. It is vital that students take ownership of their own development and learning. These skills are required to be successful life long learners and for the world of work.

There are some simple steps that you can take to build your character:

  • Take full and active role in your academic learning.
  • Be prepared each day and build good habits.
  • Attend ACE clubs regularly.
  • Complete your ASPIRE Award.
  • Aim for 1000+ House Points
  • Take part in Sports Day.
  • Join Student Council
  • Get involved in fundraising or volunteering.
  • Complete your Duke of Edinburgh Award.
  • Seek out a Leadership Role: SaLPs, Girls Active GALS, Student Council, Bourne Leaders House Captain

Your behaviour becomes your habits, your habits become your character and your character is who you are.