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Charity Support

Every year Academy students and staff raise a large amount of money for worthwhile caused, from doughnut eating, cake and biscuit sales to sponsored walks and gungeing a Head of House.  Everyone is willing to take part to raise funds for much needed charities:
  • Osiligi Obaya Primary School, Maasai, Kenya
  • Children in Need
  • Save The Children
  • Comic Relief
The Osiligi Obaya Primary School

The Maasai Warriors have visited the Academy on several occasions putting on a show of Kenyan dance, music and speaking about their life and culture in Kenya. The Osiligi Charity was formed in 2009 to help raise funds for the Osiligi Maasai community with two main projects in mind - education and clean water. In 2011, after their first visit to the Academy, the charity decided to adopt the Academy colours for their own uniform for their new school - Osiligi Obaya  Primary School.

Several years on, the school now has a reputation for being one of the best schools in Kenya. It has fully qualified excellent teachers (teacher's houses are built to attract them), electricity, water, books, computers and event broadband Internet. Numerous fundraising efforts were made including a 4 Mile Walk (the distance Kenyan pupils walk to and from school every day),in the Academy grounds.  Students also took part in an ASPIRE Day Charity Walk, starting at various locations around Bournemouth, with their Head of House, House staff and fellow students.  Bournemouth North Rotary Club also very kindly sponsored the initiative with an extremely kind donation.

If you would like further information of the Osiligi Charity Project, please visit their website

Children in Need and Comic Relief

Every year, staff and students support and fundraise for both of these national charities.

Students bake cakes, organise a sponsored silence and in the past foolhardy staff took dedication to another level by agreeing to be sponged by students.  

Christmas Jumper Day

Each Christmas, all staff and students dress in Christmas Jumpers for a day, the atmosphere is very festive.  Everyone donates £1 to charity.

On the same day staff and students are encouraged to bring in a tin/jar of food (or other non-perishable item), for 'The Hope Foundation', a charity that has helped families within school over the Christmas period with food and gifts.

Number Day

In 2024 we held our first Number Mufti Day this event was a huge success and we have decided to make this an annual event in the Academy calendar. Number Day is a maths-inspired event held in order to raise money to support the work of the NSPCC. Students complete a variety of activities in their Maths lessons and as part of our fundraising efforts students are also invited to wear MUFTI.  All proceeds raised are donated to the NSPCC to support their Speak Out Stay Safe programme.

House Charities 

Each The annual selection of charities by the Heads of House, in collaboration with the students, underscores the school's commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. By involving the students in the decision-making process, the school fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment amongst its members, encouraging active participation in philanthropic endeavours.

The chosen charities represent a diverse array of causes, each addressing critical needs within society.

ANVIL: 'The Colour Works Foundation', signifing an investment in personal development and leadership skills among individuals, fostering a more capable and empowered community.

KINGSWEAR: 'Relate' for counselling services acknowledging the importance of mental health and emotional well-being, ensuring that individuals have access to support and guidance during challenging times.

TRINITY: 'Mosaic' highlighting the recognition of youth bereavement as a significant societal issue, offering resources and assistance to young individuals navigating through grief and loss.

CALSHOT: 'Black Women Rising' signifing a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, addressing specific challenges faced by marginalised communities and promoting social justice.

HURT: STEM 4 recognising teenageage mental health as a pressing concern, advocating for early intervention and support for adolescents facing mental health challenges.

PORTLAND: 'Dorset My Time Young Carers' acknowledges the invaluable contributions of young carers within the community, providing resources and assistance to alleviate the burdens they may face in their caregiving roles.

Year 11: 'Shine Cancer Support' and 6th Form's focus on SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) reflects a poignant acknowledgment of individuals and families affected by serious medical conditions, offering solidarity, assistance, and hope in their journey towards healing and recovery.