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Donor Charter

It is vital that donors are appreciated for their acts of great kindness and we are most keen then to maintain good relations with our supporters receiving their donations.

We can only achieve this if people feel good about giving when they give and afterwards. This requires us to think of things from the donor's point of view.

In order to do this we will:

  • Acknowledge your gift promptly and appropriately
  • Ensure that your gift is committed to the project of your choice
  • Ensure that an undesignated gift is used in a responsible manner which best fits the priorities of the school
  • Be happy to discuss your plans and give the Academy perspective before you give
  • Ensure that your right to privacy is respected and that we comply fully with the Data Protection Act of 1998
  • Respect requests for anonymity and in these circumstances keep details of your gift confidential.
  • Keep you informed about the impact of your gift to the school, through regular publications or, if appropriate, occasional specific mailings
  • Offer appropriate acknowledgement, recognition and, when appropriate, publicity for your donation in consultation with you

Ways in which we can recognise your commitment include:

  • Publishing an annual list of new donors in Academy publications (excluding those who wish to remain anonymous)
  • Consider marking major gifts in more specific ways, by offering the donor the opportunity to name a room, building or project
  • Host visits to the school by existing or prospective donors if desired

The Business Director, Caroline Gobell, is available to discuss in more detail any of the points outlined above.  Please email