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First Aid, Medication and Appointments

The Academy will provide adequate First Aid and Medical attention for students, staff and visitors in the Academy. It is emphasised that First Aid is provided by qualified First Aiders and not trained doctors or nurses.
First Aid

The First Aid room is open at break and lunchtime only.  Students are not allowed out of lessons unless it is an emergency illness or injury.  A headache, stomach-ache, feeling sick or minor injuries such as papercuts, do not require emergency first aid and students will be returned to lessons until  First Aid is open.

Please remember, for safeguarding reasons it is Academy policy that students are not allowed to use their mobile phones in the Academy.  Therefore, in the event of illness or injury, parents and carers will be contacted, in the first instance, by the First Aider. Students who use their phone to contact parent/carer may be subject to a strike on their first impressions card. 


Students are not allowed to carry any medication, prescribed or non-prescribed, unless cleared by the Lead First Aider, eg inhalers.  If a student requires medication during the Academy day a medical form should be fully completed and handed in with the medication to First Aid/Reception, to be kept secure. On joining the Academy we request consent to give over the counter pain relief or antihistamine for minor ailments; this is provided by the Academy should your child require this. 

If your child needs to have any type of prescribed medication kept in school, (please note all medicines must be kept locked away and not kept in students bags,) please complete a medical form which can be downloaded here, alternatively a form can be obtained from reception.

Students who have Asthma/Diabetes/Anaphylaxis can carry their inhalers/testing kits/Adrenaline auto-injector around the Academy in their bags. Please note, no spares are kept in First Aid. 



If your child has an appointment and needs to leave during the Academy day, please inform Reception in advance 01202 528554. 


Contact details must be kept up to date at all times, it may slow down treatment if we are unable to contact you in an emergency. 

Useful information 

Click here to view The Bourne Academy First Aid Policy and The Bourne Academy Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy. 

Click here to view our sources of support.

Click here for information about the Dorset Healthcare School Nursing team.

If you have any further queries regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact the Safeguarding Frontliner at The Bourne Academy