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Our Greenpower Team is ranked 27th Best in The World!

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Greenpower Mission:

  • To change current views about engineering, presenting it as a fascinating, relevant and dynamic career choice for any young person.
  • To demonstrate the importance of engineering, and associated STEM subjects, to solve the problems faced by societies today particularly in the areas of sustainability.
  • To link education, industry and community through inspirational engineering projects.
  • To promote social inclusion through engaging with vulnerable and economically disadvantaged young people.

Greenpower is a national competition in which schools, colleges, universities and businesses design, build and compete in electric racing cars. One 24 v Fracmo DC electric motor and two 12 v Yuasa batteries provides the power and is standard for all race entries. The challenge is for individual teams to design all other features - chassis, wheels, steering, electronic management, braking, bodywork, telemetry etc. to ensure their car is the fastest. Races take place at circuits all over the country at legendary venues such as Goodwood and Castle Combe. The regulations are as strict as those in Formula 1 and safety is paramount.

Competing at Greenpower events is a logistically complex and expensive undertaking. A huge investment of time, effort and money goes into the design and build of a Greenpower car. Once built, cars must be tested and retested and finally made race ready. Once registered to race, team members must be clad and helmeted and Greenpower cars must be transported to events all over the country along with tools, spares, drivers, pit-crew, design portfolio, chairs, gazebos, insulated battery boxes, umbrellas, cameras, registration paperwork and refreshments. On arrival, there is a frantic jostling for position in the queue to pass inspection and be declared fit to put in a few practice laps before the real racing has even started…

Greenpower team

Greenpower F24

 The Greenpower F24 competition is open to students aged 11-16, although The Bourne Academy’s current team consists almost entirely of Year 7 members. Students attend the Greenpower ACE club on Tuesdays and Thursdays and all work on the car is carried out by them.

The F24 team knows their vehicle inside out... and they need to - on race days no adults are permitted to assist in the pit lane should things go wrong – the F24 crew must all be experts! All cars are rigorously scrutinized before they are allowed to compete in the 90 minute races and team members are questioned beforehand to examine their engineering credentials.

The Bourne Academy F24 team is currently preparing the 2018 “Bourne Bobcat” for the 2019 Greenpower season. Fine tuning of all its componentry will hopefully buy the Bobcat precious seconds on the track at both the Goodwood and Castle Coombe events this summer.

The team were proud to be involved in a prestigious Greenpower awareness conference at Bournemouth and Poole College in February where many of the delegates from local schools, colleges and businesses stated that “the Bourne Academy Greenpower Team and car were the highlights of the event”.

The Bourne Academy Greenpower Team is also delighted to have taken possession of “Derek” the Bobcat Mascot suit very kindly made for The Academy by Marleigh Layne a highly talented third year modelling student studying at AUB. Derek will now be a regular part of the team, cheering on the Bobcat as it attempts to qualify for the 2019 Greenpower F24 National Finals.

The team would like to extend its gratitude to Mr Steve Excell for his contribution to The Bourne Academy’s Greenpower journey. Mr Excell was there right at the start when Canford School donated a Greenpower F24 kit car to The Academy. This car became The Bourne Bullet and it triggered our ongoing involvement with the Greenpower competition. Mr Excell has been there all along, helping with all The Bourne Academy’s Greenpower cars – even helping us weld the chassis of The Bourne Banana while suffering with a broken back!

Mr Excell no longer has the opportunity to be involved with The Bourne Academy but the team wishes him every success and thanks him for helping make Greenpower so rewarding and enjoyable.