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The Academy’s House system is named after the lighthouses standing at various points along the south coast, aiding navigation, providing illumination, and safe harbor for mariners and wayfarers.   We at The Bourne Academy aspire to do likewise for all our students. 

The Heads of Houses offer pastoral care and support, as well as mentoring, progress and development throughout the student’s Academy life and parents are encouraged to contact Heads of House if they have any concerns of worries at anytime.



Tracy White


Martha Tavinor


Jaqueline Brown 


Emma-Jo Farrell


Kirsty Twigg


Emily Hitchins

Year 11

Tom Peacock

Sixth Form

Dean Taafe

Every student’s individual needs and aspirations are important. The Academy seeks to value every child and adult associated with him/her. We aim to create a culture in which every person is treated with dignity and respect. Good behaviour is encouraged and poor behaviour discouraged.

The vertical House Tutor relationship is the foundation of the Academy’s care, fostered by daily contact in tutorials and more widely by the extra-curricular activities and house competitions.

Houses stimulate the development of valuable life skills such as teamwork and leadership; they are communities where every student matters, and in which all can develop confidence and self awareness.

The Academy seeks to broaden the horizons of all its students. From the moment a child enters the Academy, the Houses offer pastoral care and support which helps confidence to grow. This creates the platform on which academic success can be built.

A full programme of extra-curricular activities, known as ACE, provides opportunity for all students to extend themselves and refine their aspirations. In their first year students will establish themselves, make friends and learn their way around the Academy.

The House system ensure that each child feels cared for and known, and House tutors and heads have a responsibility in this and all succeeding years to monitor progress and development.