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International Students

The Bourne Academy is delighted to be extending a warm welcome to international students studying English overseas.  Foreign students come to us either as individuals or as part of a chaperoned small group on a School Integration Programme for a short period of one to five weeks. 

The groups mix completely into Academy life and attend all lessons, sports activities, ACE clubs etc; they fully participate in the Academy curriculum and all students are assigned a Bourne Buddy for their time here.  Levels of English must be high in order to qualify for a place and behaviour is expected to be exemplary.

Through hosting international students, the Academy raises valuable additional income which can be spent on our whole school breakfast provision, purchasing new books and equipment and paying for life skills and extra-curricular opportunities.  

The impact is not only financial, but also strengthens cross cultural experiences, raises personal confidence levels and broadens whole school horizons.

Argentina:  Francisco Espino, a 15 year old from central Argentina joined us on an exchange program.  He commented  

"Your culture is amazing.  The teachers really care about your learning.  I love how the educational system works here, we could learn a lot from you."

China: The Academy welcomed 23 students from China.  Many of the students commented that they thoroughly enjoyed their time at the Academy. 

"Here is more free and happy"

Mei Tsz

"I didn't feel stressed, this school is very wonderful"

Ka Man

Switzerland: Twenty 6th Form students from Switzerland joined our own Academy 6th Formers for the week.  They had a productive week commenting on how friendly everyone is.  When asked 'what ideas would you like to take home?'  One reply was... 

"Could we take your Mr Schmidt (Subject Lead History) home, please?"

It is possible to become a host family for the students, please contact us for further information regarding international student groups on