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Students as Learning Partners (SaLPs)

The aim of SaLPs is for students to consult with teachers on a development focus and to act as teaching and learning observers.  the idea is to  empower students to give feedback to teachers and have a 'voice' about their learning.

All subject areas invite at least two Year 7 – 9 students to work with teachers as Students as Learning Partners (SaLPs).  The names of SaLPs are passed to Mrs Bennett (Director of Impact of Teaching on Learning and Student View).

The SaLPs meet with the teacher for a pre-observation session to outline the focus, date/time of observation and agreed feedback date/time.  Students are given a note in their Planner to make sure their timetabled teacher agrees their absence from the lesson. Students sign up to the SaLP SHORT (sensitivity, honesty, openness, respect, trust) agreement.

The observation takes place. Students use an agreed observation form to record the development focus and relevant observations in the lesson.

Students feed back to the teacher their observations during the lesson about the agreed focus.

SaLPs help to conduct Learning Walks around the Academy and also help to train students from other schools to become SaLPs.

Mr Pottle meets with the SaLPs at least every half term for further training and review.