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TBA Challenge

We will be posting interactive challenges here, for students to take part in during the Academy closure.

Reading Challenge

If you are spending lots of time at home reading, please share a photo of yourself reading your favourite book, in your favourite reading spot and give a ten word summary of what has happened in the book so far! Send to:

Haiku Challenge

A haiku is a Japanese poem with only three lines. The first line has five syllables, the second has seven and the last line has five again. Here is an example from Mrs Beardsall:

Woke up late again 

Ate too many Easter eggs 

Actually miss school  

If you have written your own and would like us to share it, please send to:

llustration challenge

Improve your drawing skills and have some fun!

Pick a word from the grid below.

Draw with ink and send photos of your work to:

Enter as many times as you like!

We will share entries in our social media pages and display in the Library.


Shoes Upside Down  Window Balloon


Tree Cells Ladder Selfie


Winner Tools Birthday Rabbit wing walking or flying dog


Otter Wall Music Cling


Manga Track Communication Sloth

Duck on  a Bicycle 

Piano Wheels Light